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Being privately owned since 2013 has allowed us to concentrate on what really matters. So we have designed our data centers without a single point of failure along with high-end enterprise servers from trusted brands.
Reduce costs
Reduce Operational
Consolidate your websites and applications into one powerful dedicated server. We will provide you with unlimited traffic and unlimited bandwidth.
High Performance
High Performance
Exceed your business expectation by getting more done in less time. New technology combined with high internet connections up to 400Gbps.
99.99% Uptime
We stand behind our Customers and make sure their business is always running smooth. Never worry about Hardware reliability and Power availability.
Technical Support
Available 24/7
With over 7 years of experience and still counting, we stand firm when it comes to offering Premium support to any Customer. All the time.

Built for Performance

We have built our whole infrastructure around your needs, so that you can operate efficiently

We will always be Customer oriented and strive to provide you with the best there is on the market. This includes operating around the clock to be up to date with both technology and software.

Our strong infrastructure has been a host to several thousands of clients only in this past year. We prowdly provide unlimited traffic, unlimited bandwith and up to 400Gbps on our dedicated servers.

Having the Data Center under continuous development and improvement, your service will always be competitive. We can provide you with 1Gbps, 10Gbps or even 100Gbps dedicated servers, here at WeHaveServers.

Redundant Infrastructure
Datacenter-class storage
400 Gbps Connectivity
Exclusively HP enterprise servers
Recurring Optimization
DDoS Protection
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HP Dell Intel CISCO APC Daikin

State-of-the-Art Data Center

All our servers are operating in ultra-modern data centers located all over the globe.
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Uptime last 90 Days:

The success of your project is what we always aim for. And we know that in order to accomplish that, you will need a reliable web hosting environment. As a direct result we have constructed our company using cutting-edge machinery which guarantees a 99.99% uptime for your business.

WeHaveServers places at your disposal dedicated services with unlimited bandwidth and traffic, plus dedicated connections that range from 1Gbps to 10Gbps and even 100Gbps if needed.

High speed network
High Speed Network
Multiple high speed communication connections that create an unparalleled network redundancy.
24/7 Staffed Facilities
24/7 Staffed Facilities
Our system administrators and security teams are always on the grounds and ready to step in if a situation demands it.
Redundant power system
Redundant power system
Multiple power providers, dedicated generators and enterprise-class UPSs.
Professional cooling system
Professional cooling system
Powerful HVAC systems work 24/7 to keep the ambient environment at an optimal level.

Why our customers WeHaveServers

A fantastic hosting company with impressive support.
The WeHaveServers team seem like a down to earth bunch of fun-loving tech geeks, who are dedicated to serving their customers with the best up to the minute, cutting edge tech and information...
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Rated 10/10
By Rowanna
Their Support is 10+. Very good and reliable company.
In my opinion, the support is a key aspect when it comes to use a great hosting service. They need to have lower wait time for support staffs to answer your questions and rectify issues quickly...
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Rated 10/10
By Dolores Sadowa
One of our favorite teams!
WeHaveServers is one of our favorite teams of self-proclaimed geeks is catering to customers by offering fast, quality services with high uptime at budget-friendly prices....
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Rated 10/10
By Christine Preusler
A united team
The team is highly concentrated on offering customers what they need. That is why I love WeHaveServers. Been with them for over 4 years....
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Rated 10/10
By Maria Popescu
Unlimited bandwidth, unlimited traffic
We rent dedicated servers from WeHaveServers because they offer unlimited traffic and unlimited bandwidth. Also, the connectivity on their 1gbps dedicated server is good....
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Rated 10/10
By Nicholas P.