Terms of Use

We contribute to the safety of the world wide web. Malicious or fraudulent acts shall not be tolerated on our infractructure.

General Terms

The website WeHaveServers.com, referred to as "Website" is property of S.C. THC Projects S.R.L. (referred to as "Company"), a company registered in Romania in 2103, identified by Registration no. J16/1329/2013. Any internet user that makes a purchase with the Company through the Website shall be referred to as "Customer".

All the services that the Website provides can only be used for lawful purposes. The company cannot be held liable if a Customer uses the services of the website for illegal services. Also, the Customer cannot hold the Company liable if one or more of its services are affected by persons outside the Company.

The Company does not allow hosting and promoting illegal content on its servers. Examples of such unacceptable links or content are: DDoS programs/software. hacker programs or affiliated software, pirated licenses/software, torrent sites etc.

We also do not accept pornographic content hosted on our servers.

Mining software are not to be hosted on our infrastructure without first consulting with us. If such content is to be reported as being hosted on our servers, we reserve the right to suspend or terminate the service in cause, without any prior notification.

Server Abuse

Should any Customer attempt to harm or undermine our infrastructure, the account of the Customer shall be Closed without the posibility of a refund. As a Customer, you are directly responsible for operating your services.

Service Refusal

The Company reserves its rights to deny any internet user its services. We also reserve the right to suspend, cancel or even terminate the services at our sole discretion.


The Website automatically issues a Proforma invoice for all the services that are subject to purchase. Once an internet user creates an order, a proforma invoice is automatically sent to the email address with which he registered.

Once the proforma invoice is paid by the Customer, the system automatically issues the final Invoice and activates the service.

Each service is automatically invoiced by the system, 3 days before the due date. If the Customer has a Credit or Debit card on file, the system automatically charges it. Also, if the Customer has funds added to his Client Area, the system will automatically apply the credit to the invoice.

All Customers shall be notified via email of the proforma invoices created by the system, the payment received and the fiscal invoice. When a proforma invoice is issued to the Customer, payment shall be remitted to the Company no later than the due date specified. Failing to do so can lead to the suspension/cancellation or termination of the billing agreement.

Service Fees

Some services may have extra fees applied to them: installation fees or processing fees. All the fees will be displayed in the proforma invoice, prior to the Customer making the payment for the requested services.

Refund policy

All our services have a 7 days money back guarantee. If you are not satisfied by our services, you may request a refund ONLY via your Client Area, by Cancelling the service. Please specify in the comment section that you wish to refeive a refund. We do not grant any refunds to Customers that have not issueed the Cancecllation request via Client Area.

Refunds for Domain Names, Premium support services, SEO, Gateway fees, installation fees and Licenses are not available.

Refunds are processed only once per service type. For example, if you request a refund for the service "LX-16A" you are not eligible for another refund concerning the same type of service.

If the Customer's account has been found to host illegal content or was involved in illegal activities, the Customer will not receive a refund. We reserve the right to ask for verification documents if the Customer states thathis account was hacked. Only after the information is cleared will the Customer be eligible for a refund.

All refunds are processed within 30 days or less.

Validating an account

The Company reserves the right to verify the Customer anytime, during the implementation of the services. The Company may run automated scanning algorithms upon the information the Customers submit to us. If the score is lower than average, the Company can request further information from the Customer in order to provide the services.

Limitation of Liability

The Company is not responsible for any damages, incidental or/and consequential damages, which might arise if the services are at a certain point unavailable.

Violations and Abuse

Any violation of the above mentioned Terms shall be submitted to abuse@wehaveservers.com

All reported incidents shall be investigated. If the evidence points to the Customer not having respected the Terms, this will be grounds for immediate suspension and account deactivation.